Topluluk Kuralları

The rules Litsuit users must follow in their comments and other communication activities are as follows:

  • Users must be respectful to each other.
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic and abusive comments made by members to each other will not be tolerated. In this case, comments will be interfered with.
  • The right not to post content and comments that incite hatred, violent, provocative, derogatory against individuals or certain groups based on people's religious belief, race, ethnicity, age, social status, political opinion, sexual orientation, physical condition [site- short-title] is reserved.
  • Disclosing the personal information of other users in violation of the Membership Agreement, using this information for their own benefit; The accounts of users who constantly follow other users in a disturbing way by using threats, harassment and incite others to incite violence will be closed.
  • Degrading individuals, institutions, cultures or societies, swearing, humiliating or slang expressions are not allowed. Litsuit reserves the right to delete such comments, to send warnings to necessary persons and/or to delete their memberships.
  • In order to have a healthier discussion environment, it is obligatory for members to respect the beliefs and opinions of other users in comments.
  • Capital letters should not be used in comments.
  • Comments on the site must be in English.
  • In the comments made, attention should be paid to spelling and spelling as much as possible. Therefore, Litsuit reserves the right to correct and delete comments that are not understood.
  • Any commercial or copyrighted comments will not be allowed.
  • An offensive username cannot be chosen.
  • Comments made by not deviating from the subject of the content will help prevent possible discussions. Otherwise, your comments Litsuit may be deleted at its discretion.
  • Members should not share their personal and private information for their own safety.
  • Litsuit reserves the right to delete the accounts of users who send private messages containing insults and profanity to Litsuit.
  • Sending spam messages is prohibited. It will also be interfered when the same and similar messages are sent more than once.
  • Comments that contain or are likely to include disrespect to the judicial authorities will not be tolerated. Everything that will affect the ongoing or future judicial process is within this scope.

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