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No matter the size of the yacht, no matter the quality

Lazzara Yachts hulls and superstructures are professionally produced from composite, aluminum or steel as the design requires. Regardless of the mater...


Lazzara Yachts hulls and superstructures are professionally produced from composite, aluminum or steel as the design requires. Regardless of the material, our staff has extensive experience in each and will perform your build to world class standards.

Our composite hulls and superstructures are produced using Epoxy resin, E-glass, Carbon fiber and PVC foam cores. Epoxy resin provides the best performance and durability over the life of the yacht and is superior to the typically used Vinyl Ester and Polyester resins.

Body, Body, Furniture and Interior

Our world-class team will capture your creative energy and work with you to select colors and materials from our list of options that best suit your taste. Regardless of its size, every Lazzara is a superyacht and its interior reflects that. Our experienced craftsmen will implement it in our world-class facility, which includes its own interior decoration operation. It was originally built and operated by a leading German superyacht interior company that produces furniture for top German and Dutch shipyards. We continue the tradition of producing the ultimate in custom yacht interiors, whatever the size.

Central and fully redundant military grade Marine Chests are structurally integrated into the yacht hull with their tops above the waterline and serve while the yacht is still in the water. Each Sea Chest can be completely sealed from inside the engine room so that all seawater users can be serviced while the yacht is still in the water.

The Lazzara UHV 87 is a unique yacht and the first yacht designed without traditional hulls. Typically, yachts are riddled with multiple hulls on the side of the hull. A Lazzara without a single stem (non-structural) will have less maintenance, better appearance and significantly less risk of water ingress.

Only the highest quality commercial grade rigid tubing is used in a Lazzara. Special flexible hoses are only used for the connection between components and rigid pipes.

In-house superyacht electrical system design and implementation ensures the execution of superyacht quality electrical systems. At a Lazzara you will find only premium components and professionally organized and routed cables.

A decentralized alarm system monitors the systems on board and provides the master and crew with relevant data for the safe operation of the yachts. This superyacht alarm monitoring system provides output not only on the helm touchscreens but also in the engine room, crew rooms and of course mobile devices.

Stabilizers are installed with the entire mechanical system in a watertight enclosure, reducing the possibility of water ingress in case of hard grounding.

Most systems are redundant to ensure uninterrupted service for everyone on board and also allow service while the systems are in use.

Always Super Yacht Quality, Regardless of Yacht Size

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