This is how a Saab 900 becomes a motorhome

You have a peculiar Toppola motorhome for sale on eBay that can be attached to the Saab 900 and is fully integrated. Campervan fashion is a reality. S...

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You have a peculiar Toppola motorhome for sale on eBay that can be attached to the Saab 900 and is fully integrated.

But, as camper experts well know, the motorhome phenomenon has an earlier history, full of models not so luxurious or usable or multiconfigurable like current models. In fact, there are some designs that we can kindly define as “peculiar”.

For sale, only the caravan, for 12,500 euros


One of these examples is a Saab 900 with Toppola motorhome bodywork, which, although it may seem otherwise, is not an occurrence of the Swedish car owner. 400 examples were made and it is now gaining popularity among vintage car/campervan lovers.

Now, we’ve found a 1980 Toppola Camper unit for sale on eBay that fits both the 900 2-door and 4-door. Of course, you can only purchase the caravan, since the car is not included.

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Inside the caravan you will find a stove, a sink with running water, storage compartments, lighting and a 1.60 x 2.0 bed. The only thing missing is a toilet and bathroom, but given the size of the Toppola Camper, all the available space is used well.

How does a Toppola Camper fit in with so much equipment and still offer standing room? The answer is to remove the tailgate from the Saab 900 and mount it with the camper kit. This means that trunk space is integrated into the Toppola Camperwithout affecting the original space of the first and second row of seats.

At the time of writing these lines, the bid is at 8,500 euros, although if you do not want to wait for the end of the process and want to buy it directly, you can do so by disbursing €12,500.

29 Kas 2022 - 05:46 - Classic Cars

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