Traffic on the December bridge: avoid the unexpected!

One more year, the December bridge prepares us for Christmas. We tell you below what you should take into account so that you can travel without break...

One more year, the December bridge prepares us for Christmas. We tell you below what you should take into account so that you can travel without breakdowns, fines and unforeseen events during these days. Aim!

The national holidays of the Constitution and of the Immaculate Conception (December 6 and 8, respectively) make up a december bridge that, although for some this year will not be complete -Friday is a working day-, it will allow many others to vacation for a large part of the week in coastal or mountain areas or in second homes. The DGT estimates the million trips that will take place until next Sunday on our roads at 13.5 and, to increase their safety, a new campaign is starting this Monday in which alcohol and drug controls will be intensified. It should be remembered that, in addition to considerably increasing the risk of an accident, the combination of these substances with the steering wheel can lead to penalties of 1,000 euros and six withdrawal points on the license, and penalties of up to one year in prison.

Radars: when is it legal to report their presence?

When will there be more movement?

According to traffic forecasts, the further increases in circulation They will occur both on the afternoon of Wednesday the 7th (especially from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and on the morning of Thursday the 8th. In this case, traffic jams are expected at the exits of large urban centers and on the main access roads to areas of second residences or mountainous areas. Once the weekend ends, especially during the day of Sunday the 11th, these same retentions will return to the main road axes that channel the return movement to the most important capitals.


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Of course, a large number of DGT media, as well as patrols from the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard, will ensure traffic control and road regulations. Specifically, in addition to human resources, the operation will have the availability of 780 fixed radars (92 section), 545 mobile radars, 13 helicopters, 39 drones, 216 cameras and 15 camouflaged vans that will monitor seat belt use and the non-use of mobile phones.

Where are the speed cameras that issue the most fines?

Precautions to consider

If we are one of those who are going to go on a trip during the December long weekend, it is essential to have information to plan the trip correctly. Keep in mind that the meteorological conditions that can occur according to the time of year in which we find ourselves (rain, snow, ice and fog) can make it difficult for us to travel. Likewise, it is highly recommended for our own road safety to drive with chains or any other non-slip element, keep the lights on throughout the day to make us more visible, maintain a speed appropriate to the regulations and weather circumstances, rest every two hours, Keep a safe distance, put on your seat belt and do not consume alcohol or drugs.

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