The luxury of green: Emerald

Emerald is a gemstone known for its green color. Emerald, a stone of silicate mineral entities, belongs to the beryl family, the unity of its crystal...

The luxury of green: Emerald
The luxury of green: Emerald
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Emerald is a gemstone known for its green color. Emerald, a stone of silicate mineral entities, belongs to the beryl family, the unity of its crystal structure. Emerald crystals can be crystallized as hollow or fully filled and therefore various internal cracks naturally remove traces and possessions. Emeralds have historically been accepted as symbols of wealth, health, happiness and love.

The luxury of green: Emerald

The rarity of emeralds makes emeralds more valuable than other gemstones. Its structure, color and clarity contain elements related to the properties of emeralds. Most of the emeralds selected worldwide are found in countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Zambia.

Emerald is used in many fields such as jewellery, ornaments, decorative objects and artistic works. Emerald is particularly valuable in the high quality and rare jewelery industry. The cut, shape and shine of emeralds are combined and processed by masters to navigate.

Emerald has had an important place in many cultures throughout history. In ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultures, the emerald was considered the stone of kings and princes and was believed to bring health, wealth and happiness. It is also considered the birthstone of the May regions known as emerald, moonstone.

Emerald is also used for many decorations and works of art, apart from the jewelery circle. Emeralds can also be used in many commercial areas such as sculpture, painting and mosaics. Also, Yedindi, where the emerald also has many health uses, and some alternative medicine consultants use the emerald as a healing stone.

As a result, emerald is an important gemstone worldwide due to its rarity, high quality, historical significance and aesthetic value. Emerald, which is used for jewellery, decoration and artistic works, makes an important contribution to the content of the world with its historical perception and eye-catching scent.

The luxury of green: Emerald

Emerald is a very popular material for luxury items due to its rarity, high quality and striking color. Here are the highlights among the luxury items made of emerald:

  • Emerald Jewels: Emerald is one of the most frequently used stones in the jewelery industry. Many jewels such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are decorated with emeralds. Emerald jewels, especially high-quality ones, are sold at high prices in luxury jewelery stores.
  • Emerald Watches: Many luxury watch brands use emeralds in the design of their watches. The use of emeralds is very common, especially in women's watches. Luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Chopard, and Bulgari are known for their use of emeralds.
  • Emerald Rings: Emerald rings are especially popular for engagement and marriage proposal rings. Many luxury jewelery brands design and manufacture emerald rings.
  • Emerald Sculptures: Emerald can also be used for sculpture. Emerald statues can be seen in some palaces, especially in Asia and Europe. Emerald sculptures have an aesthetic value due to their eye-catching green color.
  • Emerald Artistic Works: Emerald is also used in many artistic fields such as painting and mosaics. Some artists reflect the natural beauty of emeralds to their works by using emeralds in their works.

As a result, emerald is a popular material for luxury items due to its rarity, high quality and striking color. Jewellery, watches, sculptures, and artistic works made of emerald are popular choices for luxury consumption. Emerald is an important material for world culture due to its aesthetic value and historical significance.

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