Nissan Bringing One-Off Turbocharged Sentra, Rugged Rogue To 2023 SEMA

This year's SEMA event is just around the corner, and Nissan is gearing up to provide an early glimpse of its showcased vehicles in Las Vegas. This mo...

This year's SEMA event is just around the corner, and Nissan is gearing up to provide an early glimpse of its showcased vehicles in Las Vegas. This month, the automaker introduced a Frontier truck that will participate in the NORRA 500 race in Mexico. Soon after the race, it will be showcased at SEMA precisely as it competed on the track. Joining this one-of-a-kind truck are two additional remarkable vehicles: a rugged SUV and a turbocharged sedan with inspiration drawn from professional race cars.

Project Rugged Rogue: Enhancing Off-Road Capabilities

One impressive vehicle is the Project Rugged Rogue, aptly named with its ruggedness being an inherent quality. This model is based on the recently updated 2024 Rogue and displays a range of accessories that transform the practical family hauler into a capable adventure machine, designed to excel off-road terrains. Starting with a stock Rogue, Nissan has applied modifications using Nismo off-road components. These enhancements include a three-inch suspension lift kit, new wheels outfitted with Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 tires, a custom exhaust system, and carbon fiber fender extensions complete with a rear spoiler. To further augment its adventurous aesthetics, it features a front bumper guard with additional six-inch round lights, hood-mounted driving lights, and roof-mounted racks for kayaks and mountain bikes.

Sentra DET Concept: Inspired by Championship Race Cars

A completely distinct offering is the Sentra DET concept, taking cues from race cars used in the Sentra Cup—a championship series featuring a single model of car in Canada, with a planned U.S. round in 2024. The name "DET" represents its notable features: "Dual overhead cam, Electronic Fuel Injection, Turbo," offering a glimpse into its powertrain. Nissan has equipped this sedan with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine combined with a six-speed manual transmission. The four-cylinder powerhouse incorporates a new Garrett intercooler and turbocharger, a DeatschWerks in-tank fuel pump, an AFCO radiator, a McLeod lightweight flywheel clutch kit, and high-quality Manley pistons.

No specific output figures have been released, but Nissan has included a limited-slip differential, upgraded brakes from the Nissan Z, and Recaro front bucket seats in this concept. It showcases 18x8.5-inch Nismo wheels clad in Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD09 tires, sized 245/40/18. Completing the package and enhancing both performance and sound is a prototype Nismo cat-back exhaust system.

More Exciting Debuts at SEMA

Additionally, alongside these three unique concept cars, Nissan will also present two production models at the 2023 SEMA. Visitors to the booth can expect to see the 2024 Z Nismo and 2024 GT-R Nismo, providing a glimpse into what customers can anticipate if they choose to invest in these high-performance vehicles. Key highlights of the Z Nismo include an upgraded powertrain boasting 420 horsepower, as well as Nismo-tuned suspension and brakes. On the other hand, the GT-R Nismo comes with revised bodywork and a front limited-slip differential.

With an array of captivating vehicles set to debut at SEMA, Nissan demonstrates its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional driving experiences.

27 Eki 2023 - 14:31 - Today's Cars

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