The 499P Modifcata Turns Ferrari's Le Mans Winner Into 858-HP Track Day Hero

The 499P Modifcata Transforms Ferrari's Le Mans Triumph into an 858-HP Track Day MarvelThe Remarkable Evolution of the Ferrari 499P ModificataThe illu...

The 499P Modifcata Transforms Ferrari's Le Mans Triumph into an 858-HP Track Day Marvel

The Remarkable Evolution of the Ferrari 499P Modificata

The illustrious Italian marque, Ferrari, clinched a resounding victory at the prestigious 2023 24 Hours of Le Mans, a momentous accomplishment the company had not achieved since 1965. Enter the all-new 499P Modificata, presenting an exclusive opportunity for a select group of customers to experience an enhanced iteration of this race-bred machine on the track.

A Non-Competitive Marvel

The 499P Modificata represents a version of the race car not intended for conventional competition. With this distinction, Ferrari gains the freedom to fine-tune these machines in ways unattainable under the stringent regulations of Le Mans. Notably, the electric motor housed within the front axle now attains lower velocities, no longer restricted to speeds above 118 miles per hour (190 kilometers per hour) imposed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). As a result, drivers can unleash the full potential of the all-wheel-drive system with greater frequency, optimizing their performance on the track.

Unleashing Supreme Power

Ferrari joins forces with innovation by introducing the exhilarating "Push to Pass" system. By activating a discreet button behind the steering wheel, drivers can unlock an additional 161 horsepower (120 kilowatts) for an astonishing 7.0 seconds when employing full throttle. This surge elevates the powertrain's peak output to an awe-inspiring 858 hp (640 kW), albeit momentarily, surpassing the standard 697 hp (520 kW).

Refined Performance and Precision

The Modificata receives further meticulous adjustments, encompassing revisions to the engine and driveability maps. Notably, enhancements extend to the traction control logic and the introduction of new start-assist logic, attesting to Ferrari's deep commitment to maximizing performance.

The Heartbeat of Power

At the core lies a mid-mounted 3.0-liter V6 engine, derived from the revered 296 GT3 race car. Unlike conventional configurations, this powerplant assumes the role of a stressed member within the car's chassis, eliminating the need for a subframe. Power is seamlessly transferred to a seven-speed sequential gearbox, ensuring an extraordinary driving experience.

Racing-Acquired Comfort

The cabin of the 499P Modificata faithfully emulates its Le Mans racing counterpart. A solitary seat, meticulously designed to mirror the ergonomics of the competition machine, immerses the driver in a dedicated racing environment.

Ferrari's Sport Prototipi Clienti Program

The introduction of the 499P Modificata heralds the advent of Ferrari's groundbreaking Sport Prototipi Clienti program. This pioneering initiative allows the esteemed automaker to cater to their customers' needs fully. Addressing logistics, trackside assistance, and maintenance requirements, this comprehensive service ensures that customers need only show up and drive, alleviating any concerns.

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