Let This Lancia Stratos Replica Be Your Affordable Key To Rally Greatness

The Lancia Stratos: An Iconic Classic for Automotive Enthusiasts.

The Lancia Stratos holds a legendary status in the automotive world, making it one of the most sought-after classics in the used car market today. With its distinct design, rich rally heritage, and limited production, this car has earned its place as automotive royalty. However, for those who find the price tag of a delicate Italian classic out of reach, there's an exciting alternative available: the Lister Bell STR. Developed by the expert craftsmen at LB Specialist Cars, this meticulously crafted replica offers enthusiasts the chance to experience the allure of the Stratos without the rarity-associated markup.

A Compelling Alternative: The Lister Bell STR

The Lister Bell STR, currently available for sale in the US, provides a viable option for those who have longed to own a Stratos but couldn't justify the high cost. This replica, titled as an "Assembled Vehicle" in Michigan, offers a street-legal experience with a five- speed manual transmission. Its attention to detail and array of features give it a distinct appeal. Notable features include the 15-inch Compomotive coffin-spoke wheels, Gp4 round-arch fiberglass body, Gaz adjustable coilover suspension, front lamp pod, roof scoop, and refined Alcantara and leather upholstery.

Enhancements that Transcend the Original

What truly sets the Lister Bell STR apart is not only its faithful replication of the Stratos's aesthetics but also the thoughtful enhancements that arguably make it even better than the original. This replica boasts a custom space frame chassis with an integral roll cage, providing superior rigidity compared to the original Stratos. Under the hood lies a more modern Alfa Romeo Busso V6 crate unit, a 3.0-liter 24-valve engine that was recently fitted to the car, having covered a mere 1,200 miles.

Modern Comforts and Unmatched Legacy

Step into the cabin of the Lister Bell STR, and you'll find a range of modern extras to enhance your driving experience, including a wireless parking camera, a Garmin navigation system, and luxurious Alcantara seats. While the air conditioning is currently broken, it's important to remember that handcrafted replicas have their unique character and imperfections.

Lancia's Rally Legacy Lives On

The Lancia Stratos is undeniably a masterpiece in its own right. The Lister Bell STR, on the other hand, can be seen as a respectful tribute with modern improvements, rather than a full-blown replacement. With the current price set at $55,000 and the auction at Cars and Bids approaching its end in three days, this replica offers tremendous value for money. Even if it sells for double that price, it remains a remarkable deal compared to an authentic Stratos, especially considering its newer build and potential for enhanced performance.

28 Kas 2023 - 17:16 - Classic Cars

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