Porsche 911 Sets New Altitude World Record with Synthetic Fuel on a Chilean Volcano

The iconic Porsche 911 has once again pushed boundaries, this time conquering the peak of a volcano in Chile and setting a new altitude world record. In a mission to champion synthetic fuel, known as eFuel, and save combustion engine cars amidst the electrification trend, Porsche showcased the power and potential of the 911 sports car.

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Porsche Showcases the Performance and Potential of eFuel with a High-Flying Feat

This extraordinary achievement took place on the west ridge of Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world. Two 911s, affectionately named Doris and Edith, were brought for the record-breaking attempt, with the skilled Romain Dumas, a three-time Le Mans champion, behind the wheel of the history-making vehicle. It was a noteworthy return for the team following their previous climb of the volcano in 2022.

To tackle the challenging terrain, the vehicles were based on the current 911 Carrera 4S model, featuring the stock 3.0-liter flat-six engine producing an impressive 443 horsepower. Equipped with portal axles to increase ground clearance to 13.7 inches, the cars demonstrated improved throttle inputs at low speeds.

With the assistance of an all-wheel-drive system and a Warp connector, the team smoothly navigated through some snowy sections of the ascent. In addition to its mechanical prowess, the lead car was equipped with a revolutionary Space Drive steer-by-wire system developed by the Schaeffler Group.

This advanced technology provided Romain Dumas with precise and detailed feedback, enhancing his maneuvering capabilities throughout the daring endeavor. Inside the vehicle, carbon fiber seats and five-point harnesses ensured both safety and comfort during the challenging climb. Health conditions were closely monitored by two doctors on the team, ensuring the well-being of all members during the high-altitude attempt.

An international team, comprising individuals from the United States, Chile, France, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland, provided crucial support to Romain Dumas throughout the record-setting journey. Reflecting on this unforgettable experience, Dumas expressed his gratitude and pride in achieving what no car had done before.

"A proud moment for the whole team," said Dumas, acknowledging the support and belief of Porsche's partners, whose collaboration made this extraordinary feat possible. This remarkable accomplishment not only showcases the performance capabilities of the legendary Porsche 911 but also highlights the competency and potential of eFuel.

The eco-friendly synthetic fuel used for this mission is being produced in Chile, and Porsche aims to construct the world's largest eFuel plant in Texas starting next year. While mainstream adoption of eFuel may be a venture for the future, Porsche's dedication to speeding up the process is evident. This record-breaking achievement serves as a reminder that the automotive industry's future holds more than just electric vehicles.

05 Ara 2023 - 12:42 - Cars

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