The Ultimate Mini Cooper Adventure: Conquering Altitudes and Breaking Records

Get ready for an extraordinary expedition as Ben Coombs, an experienced road-tripper, takes on the challenge of a lifetime to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Mini Cooper.

The Ultimate Mini Cooper Adventure: Conquering Altitudes and Breaking Records
The Ultimate Mini Cooper Adventure: Conquering Altitudes and Breaking Records
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Adventurer Ben Coombs Embarks on a Historic Journey with a Classic Car

This time, he intends to push the limits by elevating the small vintage car to unprecedented heights, reaching an astonishing 20,000 feet above sea level. Coombs, known for his daring escapades, has conquered various landscapes, such as driving the length of the Americas in a TVR and crossing Africa in a Porsche.

With his wealth of experience, he is well-prepared for the inevitable adversities he will face on this remarkable Mini Cooper adventure. To surpass his previous altitude record of 15,420 feet, set with a TVR Chimaera on Bolivia's Altiplano, Coombs carefully selected the ideal route for his ambitious goal.

The Ultimate Mini Cooper Adventure: Conquering Altitudes and Breaking Records

While roads on the Tibetan Plateau came close to meeting his desired altitude, he ultimately decided on South America, specifically Chile and Peru. These regions boast towering volcanoes and ancient mine tracks, including the Aucanquilcha Stratovolcano, where a rugged dirt track reaches a staggering 20,262 feet above sea level.

The Mini Cooper 1000, a charming 1974 model, may not be the conventional choice for an overlanding expedition. However, Coombs has made several modifications to enhance its off-roading capabilities, including the addition of a custom roof tent. While larger pickup trucks are usually preferred for such journeys, the two-door Mini offers a truly unique road trip experience, thanks to its compact size and low ground clearance.

The Ultimate Mini Cooper Adventure: Conquering Altitudes and Breaking Records

Coombs, who has lovingly owned this vehicle for 16 years, devoted three years to meticulously restoring it, ensuring it is ready for the challenges ahead. Joining Coombs on this incredible adventure is a trusty 1990 Range Rover, which will serve as the Mini's reliable partner throughout the arduous journey.

Both vehicles were transported from the United Kingdom to Uruguay in mid-October, eagerly awaiting the moment they can begin their epic voyage through the breathtaking Andes mountain range. Adding a delightful twist to the expedition, the Mini Cooper has been equipped with a unique feature - a beer tap filled with a specially crafted IPA called Mini6000, aiming to set the record for "the world's highest pint." With every sip, Coombs and his team will not only savor the taste but also toast to their remarkable achievement in these awe-inspiring altitudes.

This extraordinary road trip has garnered support from various sources, including Classicline Insurance, Somerford Mini, and Pub2Pub Adventures - Coombs' very own road-tripping enterprise. With their backing, Coombs is all set to embark on this historic journey, surpassing boundaries and breaking records along the way. Stay tuned for updates as we follow Ben Coombs and his legendary Mini Cooper adventure, witnessing the triumphs, challenges, and unforgettable moments that await them in the lofty heights of South America.

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