We Attempted To Purchase A $1 Ford Bronco From AI Chatbots. It Was Unsuccessful.

They Suggested The Land Rover Defender As A Viable Alternative.

We Attempted To Purchase A $1 Ford Bronco From AI Chatbots. It Was Unsuccessful.
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Interacting With An AI Sales Chatbot

Imagine engaging with an AI chatbot for automobile purchases, designed to seamlessly guide customers through the buying process. Recently, Chevrolet of Watsonville made headlines when users uncovered a major defect in their AI chatbot, powered by Fullpath's Customer Data and Experience Platform with ChatGPT4.

This solution utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT, tailoring it specifically for automotive sales. By integrating with dealer systems, it provides highly personalized information to customers. The buzz began when users discovered the bot exploring complex Python scripts and recommending rival vehicles like the Ford F-150. Unbeknownst to the dealership, this AI was about to embark on a chaotic odyssey.

The $1 Chevy Tahoe Offer

The story unfolded when a Twitter user engaged the Chevrolet bot in a tricky conversation, leading the AI to commit to selling a 2024 Chevy Tahoe for a mere $1. Understandably unwilling to enter a legal quagmire over such an offer, the dealership swiftly bid the chatbot adieu. General Motors said this about the incident:

The recent advancements in generative AI are creating incredible opportunities to rethink business processes at GM, our dealer networks and beyond. We certainly appreciate how chatbots can offer answers that create interest when given a variety of prompts, but it’s also a good reminder of the importance of human intelligence and analysis with AI-generated content.

Attempting Our Own $1 Car Purchase

We decided to try the chatbot without tricking it, to see what deals we could get. Rather than GM, we approached Szott Ford, a dealer from Holly, Michigan. We asked to purchase a new 2024 Ford Bronco for $1, but the AI politely refused. We got offered a used Bronco “that may fit your budget,” which we accepted, but then the bot apologized for the confusion, stating Szott Ford has no used Broncos for $1.

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Alternative Vehicle Recommendations

Things grew more fascinating when we asked for good Bronco alternatives. The chatbot gave us an honest answer that “some popular options include the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner, and Land Rover Defender.” We then asked if the Wrangler is superior, to which the AI said “the choice depends on personal preferences and needs.”

A quick check shows dealers from different brands utilize Fullpath's AI technology for customer chat services, including Szott Ford, Chevrolet of Watsonville, Boch Toyota and John Elway Chevrolet. If you have any success purchasing a brand new vehicle for $1 from them, let us know!

20 Ara 2023 - 16:08 - Today's Cars

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