Former BMW Factory to Manufacture Unconventional New Russian EV

Moscow Polytechnic University unveils peculiar Amber prototype set for 2025 production

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Design widely panned as "world's ugliest car"

In a surprising development amidst the turmoil in Russia's auto industry, Moscow Polytechnic University has revealed an electric vehicle prototype called Amber. However, its highly unorthodox design has sparked widespread criticism, with many dubbing it a top contender to dethrone the Fiat Multipla as the planet's most unsightly automobile.

Notable Kaliningrad plant to manufacture EV

The peculiar Amber is not merely a concept model but intended for full-scale manufacturing beginning in 2025 at the Avtotor facility in Kaliningrad. Intriguingly, that plant has a history of churning out vehicles for esteemed global makes like BMW, Ford, Kia, and Hyundai. However, those companies' departure from Russia following its February 2022 invasion of Ukraine has compelled the factory to pursue new opportunities.

Technical specifications remain uncertain

Precise details around the Amber's capabilities, including its range, output, and charging stats, haven't yet been formally divulged. Critics speculate its unorthodox styling may stem from the utilization of off-the-shelf components potentially pulled from assorted current Russian vehicles. Those bug-eyed headlamps and two portholes on the right side have attracted special attention for their unconventional and seemingly arbitrary placement.

Some even conjecture certain parts could originate from AliExpress, but that allegation remains unproven. Per official declarations, however, the electric motors, batteries, inverters, and other powertrain constituents are wholly designed and built domestically.

Prior Russian EV effort showed more polish

Nearly three years ago, Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz showcased another electric vehicle engineered locally. Dubbed Kama-1, it sported a far more refined design and a 33-kilowatt-hour battery pack enabling around 155 miles per charge. Though slated for production around 2025, manufacturing has yet to commence for the more conventionally styled EV.

Source: Ukraine Today

22 Ara 2023 - 16:31 - Today's Cars

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