Who owns Saab? Which country and company does it belong to?

Ownership of Saab: A Deeper Look into the Automotive IconWhen it comes to iconic car brands, few can match the legacy and allure of Saab. Founded in...

Ownership of Saab: A Deeper Look into the Automotive Icon

When it comes to iconic car brands, few can match the legacy and allure of Saab. Founded in 1945, this Swedish automobile manufacturer has carved a special place for itself in the hearts of auto enthusiasts around the world. But who exactly owns Saab now? Let's delve into the fascinating journey of ownership and uncover the current custodian of this beloved brand.

The Ownership Journey:

Over the years, Saab has seen various changes in ownership, weaving a complex tapestry of corporate alliances and acquisitions. However, since 2012, the brand has been under the stewardship of National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), a Chinese-owned consortium.

NEVS, with its focus on sustainable mobility, recognized the value and potential of the Saab brand. With an eye for preserving its rich heritage, NEVS embarked on a mission to revitalize Saab and position it as a frontrunner in the era of electric vehicles.

From Scandinavia to China:

Saab's journey began in Sweden, where it quickly gained acclaim for its innovative design and engineering excellence. However, financial challenges in the late 2000s led to a change in ownership. Swedish Automobile AB (formerly Spyker Cars) purchased Saab from General Motors (GM) in 2010.

Unfortunately, the Swedish Automobile AB venture faced difficulties, and Saab was declared bankrupt in 2011. This marked a pivotal moment, as NEVS emerged as the savior, acquiring Saab's assets and securing its future.

The Future of Saab:

Under NEVS' leadership, Saab is undergoing a transformation that embraces sustainable mobility and the advancements of the electric age. With a focus on electric vehicle development, the brand aims to honor its storied past while shaping the future of transportation.

NEVS has unveiled the Saab 9-3 Electric Vehicle, providing a glimpse into the brand's commitment to eco-friendly transportation. This electric iteration of the classic Saab 9-3 showcases the fusion of Saab's design heritage with cutting-edge electric propulsion technology.

Enduring Legacy and Major Models:

Saab's enduring legacy is characterized by its commitment to safety, performance, and Scandinavian design. Throughout its history, the brand has produced several remarkable models that have left an indelible mark on the automotive world.

"The Saab 900 Turbo set new standards for turbocharged performance, while the Saab 99 was renowned for its impact-absorbing safety features."

Among the major models, the Saab 900 and Saab 9-3 have achieved notable recognition. The Saab 900, available as both a sedan and a convertible, showcased the brand's dedication to engineering excellence and distinctive design. The Saab 9-3, a successor to the iconic Saab 900, continued to captivate drivers with its dynamic performance and innovative features.

As Saab continues to evolve under NEVS' guidance, we can expect an exciting future shaped by their commitment to sustainability and electric mobility. Saab's journey, from the scenic landscapes of Sweden to the vast markets of China, exemplifies the brand's ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing automotive landscape.

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