The Royal Mint Transforms Used X-ray Films into Sustainable Jewelry

Reviving Precious Metals from WasteThe Royal Mint, the oldest company in the UK and the official producer of British coins, has embarked on a pioneeri...

Reviving Precious Metals from Waste

The Royal Mint, the oldest company in the UK and the official producer of British coins, has embarked on a pioneering venture to repurpose used hospital X-ray films. Teaming up with Betts Metals, a renowned company with over 250 years of experience in recovering precious metals, The Royal Mint is utilizing the silver extracted from these discarded films to create stunning jewelry. Charlie Betts, the Managing Director of Betts Metals, explained the process by which these films are transformed into valuable silver. Collected from hospitals, where they would otherwise end up in landfills or incinerators, the X-ray films undergo a meticulous treatment. First, they are shredded into small fragments using a specialized machine. Then, through a chemical process, the silver is extracted, smelted, and refined to an exceptional purity level of 99.9%. This ensures that the quality of the recovered silver matches that of any other fine silver source.

Sustainability at Its Finest

The Royal Mint's 886 collection, which incorporates the reclaimed silver, stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to sustainability. This line of jewelry also features other sustainably sourced precious metals, such as gold extracted from electronic waste. To accomplish this, The Royal Mint relies on groundbreaking chemistry from Canadian company Excir, enabling them to recover over 99% of precious metals from electronic waste within minutes. Dominic Jones, the Creative Director for 886, emphasized that their objective goes beyond mere recycling. It revolves around preserving precious metals that have already been mined. Astonishingly, Jones revealed that approximately 7% of the world's entire gold reserve exists in the form of discarded laptops and old cell phones. This untapped resource prompted him to view X-ray silver in a similar light. By utilizing it, The Royal Mint is breathing new life into this previously dormant silver source. Looking to the future, The Royal Mint aspires to exclusively use sustainable materials with provenance for all their jewelry pieces. Jones envisions creating designs that not only boast timeless beauty but also embody cutting-edge sustainability. By utilizing progressive materials that do not harm the environment, he intends for these pieces to endure for generations to come.

From Waste to Provenance

The Royal Mint's innovative approach not only contributes to reducing waste but also provides a source of provenance for their precious metals. With the looming threat of environmental challenges, The Royal Mint's X-ray silver and e-waste gold projects act as significant steps towards minimizing their reliance on mined materials. In fact, The Royal Mint is set to open a new Precious Metals Recovery plant capable of processing 4,000 metric tons of the UK's e-waste annually. By transforming used X-ray films into sustainable jewelry, The Royal Mint showcases the true potential of repurposing waste materials. Through their commitment to sustainability and inventive use of recovered silver, they exemplify the perfect blend of craftsmanship and environmental consciousness.

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