Gen-Z's Focus on Preventative Aging is Changing the Beauty Industry

Young Adults prioritize "Prejuvenation" as Anti-Aging Phenomenon Sweeps Gen-ZIn an age where self-care reigns supreme, Gen-Z is rewriting the rules of...

Young Adults prioritize "Prejuvenation" as Anti-Aging Phenomenon Sweeps Gen-Z

In an age where self-care reigns supreme, Gen-Z is rewriting the rules of the beauty industry. Rather than waiting to correct aging problems later in life, this younger generation is prioritizing preventative measures to slow down the aging process. The rise of "prejuvenation" has ushered in a significant shift in cosmetic dermatology, with Gen-Z leading the charge.

According to Paris-based dermatologist Diala Haykal, Gen-Z's fascination with prejuvenation represents the most substantial change in cosmetic dermatology over the past two decades. The focus has shifted from reactive treatments to preventative solutions, as these young adults prioritize taking care of their skin and overall well-being.

With the demand for preventive skincare on the rise, beauty brands and providers are adapting their business models to cater to Gen-Z's needs. The past two years have seen a 10 percent increase in the number of skincare and beauty products referencing anti-aging, indicating a significant market shift.

“It’s a bit of a juxtaposed generation. On the one hand, they’re about body positivity, authenticity, credibility, and then on the other side, they’re very focused on anti-aging. They use filters and put an emphasis on perfection,” said Cristina Nuñez, co-founder of True Beauty Ventures.

Driven by their hyper-awareness and extensive knowledge of skincare, aging, and environmental stressors, Gen-Z is reshaping how anti-aging is perceived. The younger generation has given anti-aging a wellness-centric rebrand, aligning it with their broader focus on self-care.

For individuals like 26-year-old consultant Dylan Heberle, skincare is not just about beauty but also tied to health. Heberle prioritizes sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, establishing a routine that reflects his commitment to overall well-being.

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Zoom have played a pivotal role in shaping Gen-Z's perspective on aging. With increased screen time, individuals are scrutinizing their own faces more than ever. This elevated self-awareness has driven the sharing of "preventative aging" routines, ranging from retinoid application to wearing face tape at night.

The influence of social media extends to treatment experiences as well. Gen-Z's candidness online has fueled demand for cosmetic procedures. Injections, such as botox, are often filmed and shared on various platforms, allowing young adults to openly discuss their experiences and educate others about these treatments.

Despite the wealth of information available, it is essential to be cautious. Many young consumers may mistakenly attribute premature aging concerns to the use of harsh chemicals. Additionally, the impact of "prejuvenation" treatments on a younger demographic is still relatively unknown due to a lack of long-term research.

Nevertheless, Gen-Z's early embrace of anti-aging beauty presents an exciting opportunity for brands to tap into this burgeoning consumer market. Companies like Btwn and Indu are tailoring their skincare products specifically to young skin, recognizing the distinct needs of Gen-Z consumers.

“This generation is taking on the skincare routine of someone older,” said Larissa Jensen, beauty industry advisor at Circana. "Education, primarily through social media, plays a significant role in sparking interest in preventative aging."

As Gen-Z continues to challenge traditional notions of aging, the beauty industry must adapt to meet their evolving preferences. The emphasis on prevention, authenticity, and overall well-being sets this generation apart, shaping the future of the beauty industry as we know it.

This article was originally published by The Business of Fashion, an editorial partner of Style.

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