Indecent Unveils Customized Porsche 997 with Unique Body Kit

Indecent, the Specialist in Conceptual Porsche Modifications, Dissasembles and Revamps Iconic 997 ModelsIndecent, the renowned company specializing in...

Indecent Unveils Customized Porsche 997 with Unique Body Kit
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Indecent, the Specialist in Conceptual Porsche Modifications, Dissasembles and Revamps Iconic 997 Models

Indecent, the renowned company specializing in cosmetic modifications for Porsches, has taken a step further in dismantling and revamping the legendary Porsche 997. In a recent reveal at SEMA Show 2022, Indecent shed light on the intricacies of their customized Porsche 911. Each creation is given a unique serial number, as each one is crafted with distinct variations.

Indecent Unveils Customized Porsche 997 with Unique Body Kit

A Revolutionary Approach to Automotive Artistry

An expert in vehicular transformation, Phillip Tieu, the Co-founder and Vehicle Development Director of Indecent, walks us through the modification process in a captivating video featuring car number 11. Although not on par with industry giants like Mansory, Liberty Walk, or the revered Singer, Indecent has embraced its own unique approach and aspires to reach similar heights one day.

Before delving into the depths of automotive craftsmanship, Tieu announced that Indecent is currently developing models from the newer generations, including the 991.1, 991.2, and 992.

"Indecent delivers a touch of ingenuity that sets us apart from other customization companies. While our focus may not be as extensive as Mansory or Liberty Walk, we aim to revolutionize the automotive industry with bespoke projects that challenge the limits of design and engineering."

Indecent offers transformation services for both the 997 coupe and cabriolet. Converting an ordinary Porsche into an Indecent masterpiece requires approximately 200-500 hours of meticulous craftsmanship, and each vehicle is adorned with a unique serial number embedded in the dashboard emblem.

Aesthetics and Functionality Combined in the Unmistakable Body Kit

At the core of Indecent's creations lies their extraordinary widebody kit, which replaces most external components of a standard vehicle, excluding the doors, roof, and hood. While other tuning companies such as Rauh-Welt Begriff embrace a similar approach, Indecent stands out by eschewing traditional rivets or bolts. Instead, they opt for an adhesive bonding technique, seamlessly merging the components while ensuring flawless lines that resonate with style and grace.

The transformation process involves a comprehensive paint job, necessitating the removal of all glass parts and seals, which are then replaced with new counterparts. Additionally, the showcased 911 featured Indecent's "Level 2" package, including Morimoto Lighting's LED lamps, capturing attention with their impeccable illumination.

A Tribute to the Classics with a Touch of Modern Retro-Mod Styling

Like many custom 911s, the Indecent 997 proudly boasts a meticulously mounted ducktail spoiler, paying homage to the iconic design. Atop this distinctive feature, a mesh grille reminiscent of the classic air-cooled 911s adds a touch of nostalgia. To further enhance its visual appeal, the showcased model is adorned with Indecent exterior decals and badges, sporting retro-modern bespoke wheels wrapped in R888 Toyo tires. These exceptional wheels are a result of collaboration with Augment Wheels.

Indecent continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive innovation, stunning enthusiasts and collectors alike with their conceptual creations. With their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, it is no surprise that Indecent stands as a leader in the world of bespoke Porsche modifications.

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