Four Colors You Should Avoid Using in Your Bedroom!

Four Colors You Should Avoid Using in Your Bedroom! Cave-Like Rooms Cause StressThe bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Feeling peac...

Four Colors You Should Avoid Using in Your Bedroom! Cave-Like Rooms Cause Stress

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. Feeling peaceful and comfortable in this space where we unwind from the fatigue of the day is also very important. The room decor that provides a sense of freshness is an important point to pay attention to in this sense. From the walls of the room to the placement of the furniture inside, the bedroom is an issue that needs to be thought out thoroughly in terms of decor. Apart from some strict rules, there are 4 colors you should avoid using on the walls of your bedroom, where you have freedom! So what are they?

1- Yellow

Since everyone has their own taste, there is not much to say. Everyone can decorate their home according to their own taste, but if it comes to the energy of colors, it is necessary to pay attention to this issue.

Research shows that sleeping in a room with yellow painted walls has negative effects. This color is known to disrupt sleep because it tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime or time to wake up. Bright yellow mimics the sun and so people cannot easily fall asleep at night.

However, if you really love a true yellow, you certainly should not deprive it from your home. Interior designers say that if you are a fan of bright yellow, it may be more suitable to use it in the bathroom, sunroom, or even the dining room, depending on the decor and style of the space.

2- Red and Orange

Bold, warm colors like red and orange paint make every wall stand out, especially in the bedroom. But the truth is these tones are the wrong choice for a room that should be soothing. Interior designers emphasize that it is very important that bedrooms are designed in tranquil tones.

However, this does not mean you cannot use red and orange in your other rooms. These colors can be great in places like an office, kitchen or laundry room. Especially in work spaces, the use of energetic reds and oranges works very well.

3- Black

While many of us may want our bedrooms to be cave-like and dark, black paint does not create the right atmosphere. On the contrary, walls painted black create a more stressful environment rather than giving a sense of calm.

If you really want to incorporate black in your bedroom, paint the walls white and paint the trims black for a deep contrast. Other than that, you can opt for black dressers or armoires. However, if you still cannot give up on the idea of a dark wall, you can choose navy blue. In the long run, navy blue may make you feel happier.

What is the ideal color? We told you which colors you should avoid using in your bedrooms. So which colors should you paint them? You can choose a soft white and its tones.

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