Kia EV4, Scheduled for Release in Early 2025

The eagerly anticipated sedan with SUV-inspired features is set to enter production by the end of this year.Kia, renowned for producing sleek and sty...

Kia EV4, Scheduled for Release in Early 2025
Kia EV4, Scheduled for Release in Early 2025
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The eagerly anticipated sedan with SUV-inspired features is set to enter production by the end of this year.

Kia, renowned for producing sleek and stylish vehicles, is gearing up to revolutionize the sedan market once again. With the upcoming release of the Kia EV4, the company plans to combine the timeless appeal of compact sedans with the contemporary design elements of SUVs, truly capturing the attention of car enthusiasts worldwide.

According to information shared by The Korean Car Blog, the SUV-inspired sedan is expected to hit the production line towards the end of 2024 and make its way to customers in early 2025. These valuable insights are derived from a statement made by Kia's CFO, Woo-Jeong Joo, shedding light on the future of electric models in their lineup.

Electric vehicles play a pivotal role in Kia's sales figures and profitability. As a result, the company is committed to launching a series of electric models, including the EV3, EV4, and EV5, to meet customer demand in the medium and long term.

While the exact reason for the delay in EV4's production remains unknown, sources at The Korean Car Blog suggest that it may be attributed to Kia's dedication to improving the overall quality of materials used in the vehicle. Notably, the EV4 will bear a striking resemblance to the concept introduced in October of last year and is poised to go head-to-head with the iconic Model 3.

Distinguishing itself from the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options offered by the Model 3, the EV4 is likely to feature a front-wheel drive configuration. Although technical specifications have not been disclosed, there is speculation that the EV4 will be built on either the e-GMP platform or the newly developed IMA architecture, which focuses on reducing production costs while maintaining performance.

In conclusion, the Kia EV4 is poised to revolutionize the sedan market with its fusion of SUV aesthetics and compact sedan design. With a scheduled release in early 2025, Kia is prepared to make significant strides in the electric vehicle market, continuing to prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction.

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