Stellantis, to Distribute €1.9 Billion Bonus to Employees

Getting Rewarded for Performance: Stellantis to Grant €1.9 Billion in Bonuses to EmployeesIn 2021, the merger of Fiat Chrysler Group and PSA Group re...

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Getting Rewarded for Performance: Stellantis to Grant €1.9 Billion in Bonuses to Employees

In 2021, the merger of Fiat Chrysler Group and PSA Group resulted in the formation of Stellantis Group, which is now adopting a strategy of distributing its profits to its workforce. Following the release of the 2023 financial reports, the automotive giant announced that it will grant a total of €1.9 billion in bonuses.

This system, where employees earn bonuses based on their performance, covers approximately 95% of the workforce. Although the exact number of Stellantis employees benefiting from this initiative is not stated, the total number of employees was announced as 272,367 in 2022. It remains uncertain how the recent layoffs have affected this figure.

Transitioning Towards an Electric Product Portfolio

Stellantis is currently going through challenging times as it aims to transition to a fully electric product portfolio. With the goal of requiring fewer employees for car production, the group is resorting to mass layoffs in various countries. In November 2023, the company terminated the contracts of nearly 33,500 employees in the United States alone. Out of these individuals, 31,000 were hourly workers, while 2,500 were salaried employees.

A similar situation is unfolding in Europe, where layoffs have become a trend. Stellantis had previously let go of 7,000 workers in Italy, which is considered the heart of the fashion industry. In order to sustain the 14 brands under its umbrella, Stellantis must carefully manage its budget, and reviving the Lancia brand marks a significant step in that direction.

Lancia Takes Center Stage

Stellantis aims to have a lineup of 48 fully electric vehicles by the end of 2024. Among the 18 electric models scheduled for release this year, the recently unveiled Lancia Ypsilon holds a special place. For years, Lancia has been confined within Italian borders, but with its new electric model, it will gradually become available for sale throughout Europe.

As Stellantis sets forth on its mission to revitalize the automotive industry with electrification, its commitment to its employees remains a crucial factor in shaping its success. By distributing substantial bonuses, Stellantis not only motivates and rewards its workforce but also fosters an environment of performance-driven excellence.

16 Şub 2024 - 15:34 - Business

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