Turkey's Most Luxurious Marina: A Haven for Luxury Yacht Production

A Record-Breaking Year for Antalya Free ZoneLocated in the Antalya Free Zone, renowned as one of the world's leading centers for luxury yacht produ...

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A Record-Breaking Year for Antalya Free Zone

Located in the Antalya Free Zone, renowned as one of the world's leading centers for luxury yacht production, Turkey has achieved great success in this industry. From the year 2000 to the end of February 2024, a remarkable total of 705 luxury yachts, boasting an impressive combined length of 12,863 meters, have been manufactured, generating a substantial revenue of $1.692 billion. As the region set a new record in 2023 with 93 luxury yacht sales, it now gears up for another groundbreaking year in 2024.

Industry Expert Highlights Impressive Figures

"In 2023, we concluded the year with a remarkable trade volume of $1.1 billion," said Zeki Gürses, the General Manager of Antalya Free Zone. He further pointed out that 96% of this volume was composed of industrial sectors, with 50% of it stemming from European Union countries. Gürses also revealed that out of the 88 companies operating in the region, 30 are foreign-owned, and 50 are involved in the yacht sector, noting the prominence of the electronics and medical industries.

No More Berths Available: The Growing Demand for Yacht Docks

Gürses emphasized that in 2023, Antalya Free Zone witnessed a historic surge in yacht production in terms of both quantity and revenue. "A total of 93 yachts, with a combined length of 1,424 meters, were delivered to their owners in 2023, with a sales value totaling $143 million. We sold yachts to numerous countries including the United States, Russia, Israel, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and Ecuador," he revealed. Furthermore, the zone welcomed 25 yachts for maintenance and repairs in 2023, ten of which have already been delivered. Gürses acknowledged the immense difficulty in finding available berths for yachts, stating, "We currently struggle to find space to dock the yachts at the marina."

Impressive Growth Figures in Luxury Yacht Production

Gürses announced that as of February 2024, the total length of luxury yacht production in Antalya Free Zone has reached an astounding 12,863 meters, with a total of 705 yachts produced. The cumulative sales value amounted to $1.692 billion. In terms of maintenance and repairs, Gürses stated that out of 194 luxury yachts, 161 have been completed and delivered to their owners, generating a revenue of $108 million.

A Promising Year Ahead: Exceeding Expectations

Gürses expressed optimism for the coming year, stating, "With a remarkable increase in yacht sizes, we aim to surpass the achievements of 2023. We anticipate launching and delivering around 60-70 yachts to their owners. Currently, there are several boats awaiting delivery at the marina, including two 53-meter yachts, one each of 45, 36, and 34 meters, two 27-meter yachts, and seven 12-meter yachts, totaling 14 vessels. We predict that this year will be another successful season," he concluded.

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