Miami Heat Upset Boston Celtics with Record-Breaking Three-Pointers, Thunder Dominates Pelicans in NBA Playoffs

Heat Score Franchise Playoff Record 23 Three-Pointers, Even Series Against CelticsThe Miami Heat have pulled off a stunning upset in the NBA Eastern...

Heat Score Franchise Playoff Record 23 Three-Pointers, Even Series Against Celtics

The Miami Heat have pulled off a stunning upset in the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs, defeating the top-seeded Boston Celtics with a series-levelling score of 111-101. In a remarkable performance, the eighth-seeded Miami Heat, playing without the injured Jimmy Butler, showcased their resilience and determination. With game three set to take place on Saturday in Florida, both teams are preparing for an electrifying clash.

Precision from Long Range Secures Heat's Victory

One of the critical factors behind Miami's victory was their exceptional accuracy from beyond the arc. The Heat set a new franchise playoff record by sinking an astounding 23 three-pointers in the game, outperforming Boston's 12-point shooting. Tyler Herro emerged as a major contributor, leading the Miami scoring with 24 points, while Caleb Martin added to the tally with 21 points.

"We lost badly in game one, and everybody responded tonight, and that’s all you can ask for from a group of guys," said Herro, expressing the team's determination to bounce back.

With a well-rounded offensive effort, all five Heat starters achieved double-digit points. Bam Adebayo and Jaime Jaquez Jr finished with 21 and 14 points respectively, while Nikola Jovic contributed an additional 11 points to solidify Miami's victory.

Tatum and Brown Lead Celtics' Efforts

Boston's Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown led their team's offensive efforts, with Tatum scoring a remarkable 28 points and Brown contributing 33. Despite their impressive individual performances, it wasn't enough to secure a victory as the Heat outshone their opponents.

This triumph holds even greater significance considering the Heat's disappointing 20-point defeat in game one against the Celtics. Tyler Herro acknowledged the loss as a motivating factor for their impressive turnaround.

Thunder Dominates Pelicans to Secure 2-0 Lead in First-Round Series

Oklahoma City Thunder Delivers a Resounding 124-92 Victory

In the Western Conference playoffs, the first-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder put on a dominant display against the New Orleans Pelicans in their first-round series. The Thunder showcased their authority early on, gaining an insurmountable lead during the first quarter and maintaining control throughout the game.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander played a pivotal role for the Thunder, leading their scoring with 33 points and delivering an impressive shooting performance. Chet Holmgren and Jalen Williams also made significant contributions, recording 26 and 21 points respectively.

The Thunder's victory marks a notable contrast to their closely contested game one, which ended with a narrow 94-92 triumph. Gilgeous-Alexander emphasized the team's focus on continuous improvement and applauded their improved performance in game two.

As the series progresses, attention now shifts to game three, set to take place in New Orleans on Saturday.

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