David Tennant’s ‘Macbeth’ Binaural Performance Heads to the West End

Cush Jumbo to Reprise Lady M Role, Tickets Released on ThursdayIn a remarkable turn of events, the Donmar Warehouse's captivating revival of Shakespea...

Cush Jumbo to Reprise Lady M Role, Tickets Released on Thursday

In a remarkable turn of events, the Donmar Warehouse's captivating revival of Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' during the festive season sold out months ahead of time, solely based on the name of its star, the eminent David Tennant. The petite 250-seat theater quickly reached full capacity due to Tennant's devoted fanbase.

However, the astonishing success of this production was not solely attributed to Tennant's presence. Accompanying him was none other than the brilliant Cush Jumbo, who played a memorable role as Lady M. The truly ingenious element was the groundbreaking sound design, where patrons wore headphones to listen to the meticulously amplified actors; a technique that allowed for hushed tones and whispers to be heard.

As it turns out, Max Webster's production exceeded all expectations. The innovative sound strategy was remarkably effective, but it was Tennant's exceptional portrayal of Macbeth, brimming with unprecedented malevolence, that stole the show. Jumbo's rendition of Lady M flawlessly embodied the concept of a corroding soul, gradually weakening in virtue as Macbeth grew stronger and more deranged.

Consequently, it quickly became apparent that this phenomenal production should not be confined to a small audience of theater connoisseurs and die-hard Tennant fans. Therefore, it brings great pleasure to announce on April 23, coinciding with the birthday of the legendary playwright Shakespeare, that the ‘Macbeth’ production will transfer to the illustrious West End.

On Thursday, April 25, at 10am, tickets for the two-and-a-half-month run at the Harold Pinter Theatre will go on general sale. Tennant and Jumbo will reprise their leading roles, while the remaining members of the cast are yet to be confirmed. The unparalleled binaural sound experience will continue to captivate audiences. Despite being three times larger than the Donmar, the Pinter Theatre boasts an intimate ambiance that fosters a sense of proximity to the performers.

The production team assures that a full third of the ticket inventory will be reasonably priced at £35 or below, including £25 front row seats available for purchase on the day of each performance.

While tickets are currently available exclusively to Donmar members, the general public can secure their seats on Thursday. However, it is advisable not to delay, as the more affordable tickets are expected to sell out swiftly.

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