Rebel Wilson's Memoir Chapter Removed from Australian Edition

American Chapter Excluded from Australian Publication due to Defamation LawsAustralian actress Rebel Wilson's memoir has omitted a chapter about her w...

American Chapter Excluded from Australian Publication due to Defamation Laws

Australian actress Rebel Wilson's memoir has omitted a chapter about her working experience with Sacha Baron Cohen in the Australian edition. While this section garnered widespread attention and promotion in the United States, it will not be included in the Australian release.

In a statement to The Guardian by HarperCollins Australia, it was revealed that a section of Wilson's memoir had been concealed for legal reasons in the Australian and New Zealand versions. The censored chapter, which is a small portion of a larger story, will be eagerly anticipated by readers when the book is released on Wednesday, May 8th.

"We have redacted a portion of the book for Australian/New Zealand publications for legal reasons and have included a note of explanation. This chapter represents only a small fraction of a larger story, and we are excited for readers to delve into Rebel's narrative upon its release,"

a statement from HarperCollins Australia highlighted.

Entitled "Sacha Baron Cohen and Other Blockheads," this chapter will be omitted entirely in the Australian and New Zealand editions, represented by black lines across its pages.

This circumstance indicates that the Australian edition of the actress's memoir will be the most affected among all versions. The variances in defamation laws have determined the extent to which this chapter can be included.

HarperCollins in the UK has confirmed to The Guardian that the majority of the section will be removed from the UK edition. Additionally, "minor exclusions" have been made, and an "explanatory note" has been added to address the issue.

This widely promoted chapter recounts Wilson's alleged experience working alongside Sacha Baron Cohen in the 2016 comedy film Grimsby, known as The Brothers Grimsby in the United States. Wilson and Baron Cohen portrayed a couple in the movie.

In the UK edition, Wilson describes it as her "worst experience in professional life." She mentions that it cannot be published there due to the characteristics of UK and Welsh laws. While one page is crossed out in the UK edition, several more lines have been omitted from other pages.

The book, initially slated for a global release in early April, was postponed in the UK and Australia "to coincide with Rebel Wilson's press tours," as repeatedly claimed by HarperCollins. Wilson also alleged that Baron Cohen attempted to halt the book's publication, stating on Instagram, "I won't be silenced or crushed by expensive lawyers or crisis PR managers."

The memoir was published uncensored in the United States three weeks ago and featured in People magazine.

When Wilson first divulged her account of Baron Cohen's alleged behavior on set, his representatives denied the allegations. They stated, "We appreciate the importance of reacting to claims, but these defamatory claims are entirely false and have been substantiated by extensive evidence, including documents present during the production of The Brothers Grimsby, film footage, and detailed statements from witnesses."

On Wednesday, Baron Cohen's representatives released a statement regarding the exclusions in the UK edition, asserting, "HarperCollins failed to fact-check this chapter before publication and took a belated but wise step in deleting Rebel Wilson's defamatory claims once it was proven to be false."

They further added, "Publishing false information is against the law in the UK and Australia; this is not a 'special circumstance' as claimed by Ms. Wilson but a longstanding legal principle that has existed for centuries. This is a clear victory for Sacha Baron Cohen, and as we have stated from the beginning, these are categorically false allegations and a shameful, unsuccessful attempt to sell books."

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