Pirelli and Lamborghini Develop Exclusive Tires for the New Urus SE

Pirelli and Lamborghini collaborate to develop special tires for the new hybrid SUV version, Urus SE, including 21-inch, 22-inch, and 23-inch P Zero t...

Pirelli and Lamborghini collaborate to develop special tires for the new hybrid SUV version, Urus SE, including 21-inch, 22-inch, and 23-inch P Zero tires, as well as 22-inch Scorpion Winter 2 tires.

In a joint effort by the companies, Pirelli and Lamborghini have introduced a range of bespoke tires for the recently launched Urus SE, catering to its specific needs and enhancing its performance capabilities. The lineup includes 21-inch tires, which prioritize comfort, and the highly sought-after 23-inch version, designed with a focus on maximizing performance.

According to the statement released by the companies, these tires have undergone extensive testing across various conditions, ranging from speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour at the Nardo circuit in Italy to driving in -30 degree Celsius temperatures at the Arctic Circle. Each of the four new tires bears the Elect marking, representing Pirelli's technological package that supports the features of electric vehicles.

The construction, tread pattern, and compounds of the new tires have been optimized to not only withstand the high torque demands of the Urus SE but also to support its weight and extend battery life by reducing road noise and enhancing fuel efficiency through lower rolling resistance.

“We aimed to enhance the Urus SE's sporty driving style by developing tires that are responsive, precise, and predictable, both for everyday driving and on the track,” stated representatives from Pirelli and Lamborghini.

Special profiles and materials have been specifically engineered to endure the high forces experienced by the Urus SE, minimizing overheating and wear of the tires. This development enables the vehicle to perform extreme maneuvers like drifting.

The P Zero tires for the Urus SE have been designed to complement the vehicle's specific expectations and characteristics. The 21-inch version prioritizes comfort, while the 23-inch version, in high demand, focuses primarily on performance.

The utilization of temperature-resistant compounds ensures that the P Zero tires of the Lamborghini Urus SE deliver consistent performance across diverse conditions, even on wet surfaces.

The Latest Winter Tire Designed for SUVs

Representing the latest update in winter tire design for SUVs, the Scorpion Winter 2 by Pirelli offers enhanced safety in cold weather conditions, especially snowy and icy terrains.

The zigzag groove pattern with three-dimensional structure ensures the effectiveness of the tire throughout its lifespan, with microchannels becoming more pronounced as the tire wears down. This design feature guarantees traction and security, particularly during chilly temperatures.

Pirelli's research and development department, with a specific focus on materials, have achieved superior grip in diverse road conditions with the use of a special compound, tested in the frigid temperatures of the Arctic Circle for the Lamborghini Urus SE.

26 Nis 2024 - 12:50 - Vehicles

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