Luxury Smartphones Lead the Rapidly Growing Market in India

India's Affinity for Luxury Smartphones Gains MomentumIndia's affluent smartphone market has witnessed an impressive surge and showcased a remarkable...

India's Affinity for Luxury Smartphones Gains Momentum

India's affluent smartphone market has witnessed an impressive surge and showcased a remarkable preference for advanced technology devices. Luxury smartphones claimed the top spot with increased sales in the upper echelons of the market in the first quarter of 2024. The Indian smartphone market experienced a growth of 11.5% compared to the previous year; IDC highlighted the "super-premium" niche (smartphones exceeding 65,000 Rupees) as the star of this growth story, witnessing a staggering 44% increase.

Premium Smartphones Dominate Market Share

The undeniable interest in high-end smartphones is evident in the sector's market share rise from 7% to 9%. Apple dominates with a 69% market share, establishing dominance in this rare segment, while Samsung secured a significant presence with 31%. The rise was led by Apple alone with four of the best-selling models, including the iPhone 14 and 15 series, and Samsung's luxury products such as the Galaxy S24 and S23.

Competition Intensifies in the Premium Sphere

In the premium segment, where Apple's market share dipped to 45%, competition was fierce. Samsung made significant progress and achieved an almost equal 44% share, a noticeable leap from the previous 16%. Samsung's Galaxy S23 series remains a favorite among consumers, alongside the iPhone 13 and 12.

OnePlus Secures Leadership in the Mid- Range Segment

Despite a decline in shipments, OnePlus, with a remarkable drop of 46%, managed to maintain its dominance in the mid-range market, capturing 38% of shipments in the category above 30,000 Rupees. While other Chinese brands like Vivo and Oppo closely followed, the total market share in this segment dropped from 6% to 3%. The inclination towards luxury smartphones in the Indian market is evident, with Apple and Samsung leading the trend with their latest models.

India's Affinity for Luxury Smartphones Gains Momentum

India's continued interest in cutting-edge devices continues to shape the consumer electronics industry. Luxury brands find an efficient ground in an economy known for the rapid adoption of technology, with a strong growth rate of 11.5% in the smartphone sector. Super-premium smartphones priced above 65,000 Rupees are no longer just symbols of wealth but represent a rapidly expanding market segment boasting an extraordinary growth rate of 44%.

Premium Smartphones Dominate Market Share

Premium smartphones have captivated India's tech-savvy citizens, increasing their market share from 7% to 9%. Leading the charge with a dominant 69% market share is Apple while Samsung maintains a strong presence with 31%. This reflects the global trend of high-margin luxury smartphones becoming status symbols. The iPhone 14 and 15 series, along with Samsung's Galaxy S24 and S23 models, further strengthen Apple's significant position in the best-selling lists.

Competition Intensifies in the Premium Sphere

The premium smartphone segment is experiencing a shift in dominance as Apple's market share slips to 45% and Samsung jumps to an almost 44% share from the previous 16%. This reflects a competitive fervor that supports innovation and consumer choice. Consumers consistently show interest in models like the Galaxy S23 series and slightly older iPhone 13 and 12.

OnePlus Secures Leadership in the Mid-Range Segment

Despite shipment declines, OnePlus continues to uphold its dominance in the mid-range market, securing a 38% market share in the category above 30,000 Rupees. This emphasizes the brand's value proposition of combining premium features at an affordable price. Vivo and Oppo follow closely, and while the collective segment share has decreased, the presence of brands like Apple and Samsung in the luxury smartphone market continues to influence market dynamics.

What Drives the Growth of Luxury Smartphones in India?

Growth can be attributed to various factors, including increased disposable income, the need for status symbols, and the value placed on technology and connectivity in a rapidly digitizing country. Moreover, many consumers are transitioning to premium models for advanced features and enhanced user experiences.

What are the Key Challenges in India's Luxury Smartphone Market?

Challenges include a significant portion of the population's price sensitivity, competition from mid-range smartphones offering similar features, and the potential impact of economic downturns affecting discretionary spending.

What Debates Surround Luxury Smartphones?

These debates often revolve around production practices, such as labor concerns or environmental impacts. Furthermore, as the luxury goods market expands, a digital divide becomes more apparent, emphasizing affordability and accessibility issues.


- Global leadership in innovation and technology in the market.

- Creation of niche markets and consumer classes that can support higher added value in the economy.

- Potential for increased brand loyalty and customer retention for premium brands.


- High prices may exclude a significant portion of the population.

- Potential normalization of high prices may impact market price sensitivity.

- Potential negative environmental impact due to increased electronic waste.

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