Ford Constructs Its Own Track to Enhance Mach-E Rally

Ford Elevates Mustang Brand with Mach-E IntroductionHaving spent over three years since introducing the electric SUV model Mach-E, Ford has taken a s...

Ford Constructs Its Own Track to Enhance Mach-E Rally
Ford Constructs Its Own Track to Enhance Mach-E Rally
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Ford Elevates Mustang Brand with Mach-E Introduction

Having spent over three years since introducing the electric SUV model Mach-E, Ford has taken a step further in expanding the iconic Mustang brand. Last year, after unveiling the Mach-E Rally version, Ford announced on Tuesday that they have built a dedicated rallycross track to enhance this model.

Ford Tests Mach-E on Rallycross Track

Prior to commencing the project at their testing ground in Michigan, the Dearborn-based manufacturer conducted extensive preliminary research. Engaging with rallycross drivers and visiting various tracks, Ford meticulously planned before constructing a high-quality track. The company achieved a remarkable feat by establishing a genuine rallycross track in their own backyard through the intense efforts of engineers.

The track developed by Ford enabled the Mach-E Rally to undergo a challenging 800 km test. Moreover, Ford emphasized that they will conduct a monthly simulation equivalent to a rallycross race for the next decade.

New Mach-E with RallySport Driving Mode

A Ford spokesperson stated, "Following rigorous tests, the vehicle's ground clearance was increased by 2 cm, resulting in a Mach-E equipped with RallySport driving mode."

Specifically designed for off-road use and supported by software, the Mach-E features attributes that allow controlled sliding. Additionally, it offers a linear throttle response and aggressive suspension settings to enhance performance and tackle rough terrains effectively.

Uncompromised Range and Performance

Despite the rally transformation, Ford managed to uphold performance standards. The dual-motor Mustang crossover generates 487 horsepower and 880 Nm of torque, propelling the crossover from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.4 seconds. EPA estimates suggest a range of 426 km on a single charge.

By constructing its own rallycross track to refine the Mach-E, Ford is set to elevate its brand recognition. With the new RallySport driving mode, the Mach-E is poised to deliver superior performance off-road, impressing users. Ford's successful initiative will outshine competitor websites by offering superior content, surpassing the competition.

16 May 2024 - 15:32 - Vehicles

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