Kia's Electric Pickup Emerges in America

Kia's Electric Pickup Spotted in AmericaPrototype Seen in CaliforniaAbout a year ago, Kia announced that it would release two different electric picku...

Kia's Electric Pickup Spotted in America

Prototype Seen in California

About a year ago, Kia announced that it would release two different electric pickup models by 2027. It is estimated that the first model, named Tasman, will begin its road tests in the near future. However, the prototype vehicle recently captured in California boasts remarkable features. Standing out with its electric power unit that carries some components from the internal combustion model.

Design Details

Although the prototype vehicle is mostly camouflaged, it incorporates certain elements such as the EV9 model's headlights and Hyundai Santa Cruz's taillights. Additionally, the mirror pillars of Tasman have been slightly placed lower in this prototype. Unlike Tasman's angular design, this mysterious vehicle features rounded wheel arches. Furthermore, the ground-level door handles of the pickup draw attention. Both electric truck models possess relatively small cargo beds and double cab bodies. Just like Tasman captured in America, this electric pickup also bears a Michigan license plate. The orange side markers on the vehicle indicate its uniqueness as an American model. Interestingly, the vehicle seems to sport a blue front bumper, while the remains of the truck, apart from white mirrors and red tow hook covers, are clad in gray.

Release Date and Model Ambiguity

It is unlikely that this prototype vehicle, in its testing phase, will hit the market before 2026. Furthermore, there is still a debatable question: Is this model a version of the EV9 pickup, or is it a separate model altogether? A definite answer is yet to be disclosed. A few weeks ago, Kia opened the doors to its design studios, releasing a video. In parts of the video, several pickup models were seen concealed beneath red drapes. This newly unveiled electric pickup model is expected to garner attention with its distinctive features and design. Kia's endeavors in electric vehicle production could serve as a significant factor in surpassing its competitors in the industry.

16 May 2024 - 15:36 - Vehicles

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