Inside a $3.9 Million Opulent Villa on Italy's Serene Capri Island

A Glimpse into the Glittering Past of Capri's Turquoise Oasis

Capri, in the 1950s, served as a magnet for the glamorous elite in pursuit of the "sweet life" or la dolce vita. This enchanting island off the Amalfi Coast captivated jet-setters, royalty, and Hollywood luminaries with its crystalline waters, dramatic cliffs, and air of exclusivity.

Regarded as one of the world's first resort destinations—Emperor Augustus even made it his private retreat in 29 B.C.—Capri became the opulent playground for the affluent, boasting visitors like Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, and Clark Gable during the mid-20th century.

Inside a .9 Million Opulent Villa on Italy's Serene Capri Island

Anacapri's Silvania Park Reveals a Dreamy Villa Steeped in Elegance

Nestled within the heart of Silvania Park, in the charming town of Anacapri, stands a villa that epitomizes the island's glamorous past, providing a retreat from the bustling pace of modern life. Anacapri's historic core is composed of whitewashed houses and meandering narrow streets, further enhancing its allure.

"The villa effortlessly preserves the timeless Capri style recognized and cherished by the privileged upper class who once frequented the island—a rarity in today's world," explains Alexanna Ambrosetti from Building Heritage, a reputable real estate firm.

"The villa has maintained the Capri style of the international upper class that populated the island in the past and which is very rare to find today." - Alexanna Ambrosetti

Inside a .9 Million Opulent Villa on Italy's Serene Capri Island

Unveiling a Palatial Residence Immersed in Capri's Architectural Splendor

Constructed in the early 1950s, this villa is adorned with stone and white lime, centered around a serene internal patio. The meticulously landscaped garden features exposed stone walls, terraces, and short walls, exuding a sense of tranquility. The interior showcases terra cotta floors, arched windows, soaring vaulted ceilings, and solid wooden doors—reflecting the distinctive style of the region.

Spanning 250 square meters (approximately 2,700 square feet) across three levels, this breathtaking residence boasts an ocean-facing living room window that overlooks Cala del Rio—a picturesque cove nestled on the slopes of Mount Solaro, Capri's highest peak.

Inside a .9 Million Opulent Villa on Italy's Serene Capri Island

Expansive terraces grace various rooms, while two fireplaces and a wine cellar enhance the splendid ambiance. The primary suite occupies an entire floor, and alongside two guest quarters, the villa offers a total of seven bedrooms—each with terrace access—and six bathrooms. Furthermore, two outdoor dining areas provide ample space for grand-scale entertainment.

The stunning 2,000-square-meter (half-acre) terraced garden is adorned with olive and citrus trees, as well as a delightful orchard. Parking facilities can comfortably accommodate up to three vehicles.

Inside a .9 Million Opulent Villa on Italy's Serene Capri Island

Embrace this Timeless Haven for €3.55 Million (Approximately USD 3.89 Million)

This remarkable property is currently listed for €3.55 million, equivalent to around USD 3.89 million. Ambrosetti and Chiara Gennarelli, leading representatives from Building Heritage, are poised to showcase this precious gem and assist potential buyers in exploring its exceptional offerings.

Located on a lush hillside, the Anacapri villa is conveniently situated a few kilometers away from the town of Capri. A mere 10-minute chairlift ride or a leisurely half-hour ferry journey effortlessly links these two captivating towns, along with a network of surface streets and scenic hiking trails.


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