VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

Experience Unparalleled Luxury with VERTU's METAVERTU2, the Ultimate Smartphone

UK luxury smartphone brand VERTU has taken the mobile industry by storm with the official launch of their groundbreaking AI phone, METAVERTU2, during the prestigious Hong Kong Fintech Week. This remarkable device combines cutting-edge Blockchain and ChatGPT technologies, boasting dual models and delivering a highly secure and effective user experience.

VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

Revolutionizing the Smartphone Industry with AI and Web3.0 Integration

As a pioneer in smartphone innovation, VERTU first introduced the world to the Web3 phone last year. Building on that success, VERTU has taken it a step further with the integration of AI technology, resulting in a smartphone that is not only more intelligent but also more secure than ever before. The METAVERTU2 is equipped with ample storage capacity, AI model tagging data, and AI agents capable of handling various tasks with ease. It is truly an AI phone that can be rightfully called "One More Brain".

VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

Safeguarding User Privacy with AI and Web3.0

Artificial intelligence technology is propelling us into a new era of unprecedented intelligence. In light of this, METAVERTU2 has emerged as a frontrunner, utilizing Web3.0 blockchain technology as the cornerstone of its security measures. By running dual AI models in parallel and incorporating a symbiotic combination of large and small models, METAVERTU2 achieves an ideal balance between user experience and privacy protection. It harnesses a wealth of global knowledge and personal information to create a second brain that operates in harmony with human thought, analyzing problems from your perspective while safeguarding your thoughts just as a biological brain would. With METAVERTU2, users can enjoy the truly private and personalized AI experience that was once only seen in science fiction movies.

In addition to its exceptional capabilities, METAVERTU2 acts as a personal assistant, seamlessly assisting users with various life tasks such as trip planning, birthday reminders, and gift selection. Furthermore, it offers the unique ability to customize the ideal virtual partner for each individual, allowing everyone to experience a soul mate akin to Samantha from the film "Her." For added convenience, METAVERTU2 includes a dedicated personal assistant button, enabling users to effortlessly switch between interacting with real people and their AI butler.

VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

Three Systems, One Device: Exploring Different Domains with Distinct Fingerprint Locks

Within the METAVERTU2, VERTU has upgraded their encrypted system, METASPACE, enabling the use of different fingerprint locks for multiple systems. This innovation gives rise to privacy systems specifically designed for storing private information, essentially transforming one mobile phone into three separate systems, each with their own unique functionality. Notable features include one-click destruction and timed restoration, ensuring personalized and secure experiences.

Additionally, METAVERTU2 incorporates VERTU's VBOX for point-to-point encrypted calls, while its distributed encrypted blockchain technology, KEYBOX, serves as a backup for private keys. These comprehensive security measures safeguard information and assets from malicious modification or theft, providing users with peace of mind and the freedom to embrace the digital realm with confidence.

VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

Flagship Luxury with Uncompromising Performance and British Design

Setting the benchmark for both smart technology and aesthetic excellence, METAVERTU2 captivates with its outstanding performance and exquisite design. Powered by the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, combined with superior heat dissipation capabilities, users can indulge in high-load applications and games without any concern. The device's 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery, accompanied by 65W ultra-fast charging, alleviates battery anxiety altogether.

In terms of design, METAVERTU2 continues the legacy of London's Savile Row, embracing the spirit of haute couture. It features imported rare leather materials that rival the prestige of Birkin bags, while its 316L surgical stainless steel ensures an equal level of luxury to Swiss timepieces. The smartphone boasts four variants, including a carbon fiber edition and three crocodile leather editions. Prices range from $5100 for the carbon fiber edition to $8100 for the crocodile leather edition. Additionally, users have the option to personalize their devices further through advanced customization, selecting premium leathers, rare metals, and even precious gemstones, crafting their own unique interpretations of luxury. METAVERTU2 transcends the boundaries of a mere phone; it is a manifestation of refined taste and individuality.

VERTU Launches METAVERTU2: The Revolutionary Dual-Model AI Phone

By seamlessly merging AI technology with decentralized Web3 technologies, METAVERTU2 offers an unparalleled level of thoughtfulness and privacy. Its launch signifies a monumental leap in the relationship between users and smart devices, injecting vitality into the stagnant mobile phone industry. Soon enough, the era of personalized, omnipotent AI butlers in the form of smartphones may be well within our grasp.


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