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A 911 on the highest volcano in the world, the latest Porsche folly

  Porsche has taken a very special 911 to the top of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile, with a maximum altitude of 6,000 meters.Climbing one of the...

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Porsche has taken a very special 911 to the top of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile, with a maximum altitude of 6,000 meters.

Everything has its explanation if we do a little memory. More than 30 years ago, the Porsche 959 traversed the toughest terrain in Africa and won the 1986 Paris-Dakar Rally, being considered the most technologically advanced supercar of its time.

Romain Dumas, Le Mans champion, has been the pilot


Now, Porsche has developed two experimental prototypes of the 992 generation of the 911 and challenged them to climb the highest volcano in the world. The Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile has a maximum altitude of 6,000 meters and has become an extreme challenge for these cars, which are rumored to be the starting point for a new competitor for the mythical and demanding Dakar rally.

Although based on a standard 992 Carrera, the prototype is anything but conventional. The huge off-road tires, united by the so-called “Porsche Warp Connecter” (which forms a mechanical link between all four wheels), provide constant traction to the wheels, plus underbody protection, roll cages and portal axles that achieve 350mm of ground clearance.


To this are added two different custom liveriesbased on the color scheme of Porsche’s 963 LMDh race car and another striking 911-themed livery created by the Weissach styling team.

With temperatures as low as -30C in the volcanic ice fields and oxygen levels as low as 50 percent, the driving conditions here are some of the toughest. But Le Mans winner and adventurer Romain Dumas drove one of the cars to an altitude of almost 6,000 meters, until walls of ice and snow blocked their progress.

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“We are very proud of what the car and the team are capable of doing for the first time,” Dumas explained. “It has been a truly memorable and special moment in a place that is beautiful and brutal at the same time”.

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